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:: I am my own best company ::

Sometimes, I am my own best company. You know what I mean. No one obliging me to linger a bit longer,
or for that matter urging me to hurry along, sometimes I really like to take my time wandering in and out
of thrift stores, book stores, art stores etc; just doing exactly what I please when I please. Don't you?

Reading books soothes my soul, and what better place than hidden among a pile of must-reads at the book store, or better yet in a big comfy chair at the coffee house in front of a roaring fire with a glass of something warm?

Art galleries and museums are another arguably good place to be sampled solo. Why? Sometimes I enjoy reading all of the signs, or observing all of the commentaries. Then again, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I like to linger a little longer at some exhibits, maybe snapping some pictures, maybe not.

Another fun one. Going to the movie theater in the afternoon by yourself. It is perhaps the height of solo decadence. Just settle in with your favorite snacks and enjoy whatever movie it is that you'd like!

And best of all... stumbling out into the afternoon sunlight and knowing you have time for other things too!
What do you enjoy doing alone?

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