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Did you know that the winter months are the very best times to check out the stars in that big vast beautiful sky of ours? It's all true. Don't let the cold temperatures deter you either. Just pile on the layers, bring an insulated container of hot chocolate and a bag of warm cookies and prepare to be completely dazzled by all the twinkling lights above.

I go out to a smaller city where the local Astronomy club sets up by the zoo. It's away from the lights of the city hazy glow. You'll need a star map which you can find online for free, but really, anymore you can just download the app. There's an app for everything isn't there? I have used Star Chart, Nasa, and also the app called Night sky light, Sky view, and Sky map. It's really your preference I liked them all. And they are all slightly different, so its all in what you prefer. This is a great time. And a fun winter activity to try-don't miss out!

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