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:: rinse;repeat ::

Wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home, cook dinner, keep up with the laundry, water the plants, then spend the rest of the night catching up on social media, or paying bills, or catching up on missed exercise time, then pass out and repeat. This is the kind of rut I've been stuck in since I started my new job. I suppose you could call it 'getting back into a routine' but whatever it is, it is quite difficult to say the least. But...

It's sure amazing what an afternoon of crafting or thrifting, good food and lovely friends can do for your soul! It awoke a part of my brain that had gone into hibernation. Suddenly, I remember what fun it is to draw in my art journal. Then I start thinking of all the craft projects I can begin (and which ones I can do while working) and I have this growing urge to finish many of the crafts that I've started. Whoo Whoo!

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