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:: Sugar on snow ::

Who doesn't love maple syrup? It's the key to many types of comfort foods. And, if you live in a cooler 
climate have I got a recipe for you. Snow Candy. Yup, you heard me right. You simply gather clean, fresh snow and that's the beginning of our recipe! If you happen to be unfortunate enough to not live in a place where you can enjoy the winter months you can always make your own snow by crushing ice cubes in a blender. I guess really either gathering or making the snow would be fun.

Fill one pie pan or another shallow type of dish per each person with snow. You will need to have these 
dishes ready - but, you don't want the snow to melt either. Timing is everything here boys and girls. I just keep them in the freezer {or outside} once I've gathered them until I'm ready. Pour some maple syrup into a heavy pot, about 1/4 cup per person I would say, and heat it up over medium heat, I should add here that unlike others, I add a pat of butter to mine as well stirring constantly until it reaches a good rolling boil and begins to really thicken up.

Set your dishes of "snow" in a row across the counter, and drizzle hot syrup over each dish of snow. It doesn't sink, but rather it forms a sticky taffy like candy substance on the snow's surface that you then twirl onto a fork and then you eat it-kind of like spaghetti. 

I later learned that this is usually eaten with sour pickles and plain doughnuts to cut the candy's sweetness. But, no matter how you choose to eat it... enjoy!  

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