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There is absolutely nothing better after sledding than hot chocolate and fresh home-baked yumminess. A couple of weekends ago all the neighbors got together and held a great big sledding party. It sure was a lot of good fun. I got down our 2 great big ginormous toboggans that hold about 8 people on each, and whole families were screaming down the hills having a blast. I remember when that was me and my family. 

But those days are gone, the kids grown up, moved away, gone. But you know what I have discovered? Families are not always what you think they are. Sometimes families are made up of our loved ones, our friends and even our neighbors. People who altogether make life a better and more loving place. I like my ever growing family. We are a great bunch of people. And it makes the world a smaller place. After all, when it comes right down to it, we're all family in one way or the other aren't we? And, there is always room to add another friend around here. That means, you are always welcome here. By the way, I used the small, plastic saucer... I was flying down the hills so fast it was unreal. Yup, that's how I roll.....

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