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:: Your whole life is in this moment ::

The rumors are true. You only get one life. One crazy, wild, wonderful life. Now, is the only absolute. tomorrow, is of course, questionable. Little more than a maybe at best. The bottom line folks is this: Your whole life really is this moment. And nothing more. I have to keep reminding myself that almost every day. I really do tend to think of things in the future way more than what's going on around me now. I'm not sure why. It seems that it is hard for me to stay in the moment. And, I contemplate why that may be... and I think it's because I'm someone who is constantly thinking of many things at the same time. In other words, even now while I'm writing, I am thinking of the things I need to pick up from the grocery store, and that we are having a potluck at work today and I hope no one forgets  what they are supposed to bring, and that since today is Saturday we can pretty much wear anything that we want to so what would be something comfy I'd like to wear?, and, I got a notice from USPS that my package of distress markers should be in today and I'm hoping they get here before I have to leave for work - which means they probably won't, and I hear that out of the blue it is really going to start warming up outside-it's supposed to be 60 degrees this Thursday. No way! People will go crazy if that happens - it's been a long cold winter, and on and on and on. Whew. See what I mean? It's a problem. How do you live in the now, when your mind is constantly 10 steps ahead of you all the time? The mind is a hard thing to slow down. But, I am finding that yoga and meditation goes a long way in helping. So, I'm going to slow flow yoga today again. I found it to be wonderful and relaxing healing and quite rejuvenating. It's quite the special class, reminding us that yoga can heal the body, and that with good intention and meditation you can indeed change your thought patterns, your health, and quite honestly, your whole life. Now that is pretty special, isn't it?

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