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So, I picked up some pictures at Walgreens that I took the other day and noticed that four of my pictures had some serious problems. Heads cut off... the picture was too big for the print size. I'm going to have to check for that next time before printing my pictures out. Only problem is, what is the right size? Well, after checking into it carefully, here is what I have come up with so far. Hope this helps you too!  

Here are the standard photo print size and pixel dimensions you need for the perfect image.

Where can you go to change the picture size? Two places. First, and easiest, and my favorite is foto-flexor. Once you upload your picture, you just choose re-size and put in the dimensions you want.

Second place is pic monkey of course, and to change the size there...

  1. Click on Basic Edits effects tab (the top-most icon on the left).
  2. Select the "Crop" tool
  3. Check the box labeled "Scale photo"
  4. Enter the number of pixels you want the photo to be (from the table above)
  5. Adjust the crop area to include the portion of the image you want to print
  6. Apply

The numbers in the above table are derived by multiplying the inches of your intended print by 300. Fr'instance, for a 4x6 print you multiply the 4 by 300 to get 1200, and the 6 by 300 to get 1800.

For those of you using this metric system thing we keep hearing about, multiply the number of centimeters by 118.11.

That's it folks! It really is as easy as that! Enjoy those special pictures!

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