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:: A few simple changes made ::

I don't know who to credit for this lovely picture

Here are a few really simple changes I've made so far this month that will benefit me in some way whether it be because it's healthier for me, gave me more time in my day, enriched my relationships with others, stopped me from making meaningless purchases... something. I'm trying very hard to trim down, to make every minute count, and only surround myself with things that serve a purpose, or that make me happy. Pretty simple isn't it?

  1.  Got rid of 4 purses, 3 billfolds, 12 belts, 3 hats, 16 bracelets, 14 necklaces, 10 rings, 36 pairs of earrings.
  2.  Used my gym membership not only to exercise, but also to use the water massage {ahhhhh...}
  3.  Threw away tons of old lotions and makeup {yuck} 
  4.  Bought some fresh flowers and placed a few everywhere in the house {really brightened up the place!} 
  5.  Bought 4 new houseplants and fertilized all the others. Lots of plants make for a healthier environment!
  6.  Deep conditioned my hair with my own organic recipe. {It worked wonders!} 
  7.  Made my own bread for the week by hand. {This is so good for the soul}
  8.  Watching my sugar intake very carefully. {we get way too much of this every day} 
  9.  Reading books instead of sitting at the computer for hours at a time.
  10.  A really good schedule developed and implemented. Seems to be working!
  11.  Washing a load of clothes every other day. Easy, and no laundry for the weekend!
  12.  Low fat everything swapped for regular everything like olive oil, whole milk and avocados.
  13.  First cup of coffee in the morning swapped for hot water and lemon. {starts your body out right}
  14.  30 minute walks every day {Really helps so much, get that cardio in your day} 
  15.  Seeing both sides of a story, and a lot less judging, a lot more compassion and understanding.
  16.  No more impulse buying. I leave the house armed with a list. No extras. None 
  17.  Drinking plenty of water every day, hydrating my body especially during this cold/dry time. 
  18.  Achieving my daily goals every day. By keeping it simple, and living by a schedule.
  19.  Smiling all the time. being kind. It's the best.
  20.  Feeling happy, taking time to reflect and make changes as often as necessary to keep it going.

All of these things are making my life so much easier, so much better. What are the many ways you add changes to 
your life that are really working for you? I'd love to hear them. P.S. Tomorrow I'll share with you the tutorial on how to 
stain and/or color bottles! You'll love this craft!

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