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:: She waits ::

She looked at her reflection and it happened again. Just like every other time she had looked into those eyes that
gazed back at her from the silver surface of gleaming glass. Those eyes, her eyes - the window from her mind to
the world, from where she looked upon everyone and everything out there. The same eyes everyone looked at and judged her by. Her eyes, a glimpse into her reflection and her medium to look into others. And, just like every
other time, she was surprised to see those clear blue eyes look back at her and realize, they were her eyes...

but oddly, for her, it seemed her eyes and her thoughts were two separate things. For her, her thoughts were the
real her. The hundreds of thoughts that swirled through her head behind the veil of those calm blue eyes, the arguments she had with herself, the dialogs she reserved for the real her that lie somewhere inside her. Those were
the moments that really mattered, the moments of soliloquy. The rest of the time, it was a simply a charade she lived, a charade she picked up just like that, a charade that the world took her for. She walked among the crowds, knowing that the eyes following her were mere spectators - because all they could see was the same reflection she saw in the mirror everyday. They all just looked. But no one could actually see, because no one heard. No one was invited inside...

but still she waited....

mostly in vain, with a sigh, and with unimaginable patience. She met the world with her eyes and waited patiently to
be seen by someone who would listen to her. The real her. Someone would surely stop and pay attention to her words and not her eyes. And that would be the person who she was meant for. The one she was waiting for. And she waited
so patiently for that person to show up.

But, until that day, she would keep up the charade, she would use that beautiful reflection, she would let it be her
mask for the world. until that day, She dreamed of that day, the day she would gladly give it all up, and she would
be her words, she would be her voice, she would be her thoughts, and she would be in love.

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