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:: That's the feeling ::

I've been flitting around the house, the garden, the craft room, everywhere lately.  Going 100 mph and getting nowhere.  That's the feeling anyway.  There have been fleeting moments of inspiration and bursts of super creativity, even loads of action on the to do list, but nothing seems to really get done. Ever had that feeling?

At the same time...I'm feeling like I might be in the midst of a significant shift.  That might just be the reason I can't settle in, or move from activity to completion, or feel like I'm getting something done.

I have an inkling, a vision, but it's not completely clear to me yet... and so I've quieted down in hopes of hearing what is calling me.  It's tricky, because I feel so restless, like I should be doing something.  But my heart is telling me to slow down, to sit still, to listen.  So as I quiet my mind,  I dream in the pages of my journal, and my vision becomes a little bit clearer, the inkling more of a call to action.  I'm letting go of some stuff, literally and figuratively, purging you might say... making room for something else to come into my life.  Something that fits me better.  Something that will help me grow, as a person, as an artist, and even as a friend. Sounds quite exciting doesn't it?

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