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:: What's your passion? ::

Do you have passion in your life? When asked, “What do you like?” what's your answer? That got me thinking a bit about how very passionate I get about the little things that I love, and I actually really like that about myself.
I would rather have passion and happiness over a life of boring routines and never knowing who I really am, or even what I like for that matter. I mean, that’s what defines us, right? The things that we love, the things that we feel, the ways in which we live our lives…

5 Things I am passionate about at this moment
  • Photography- kind of obvious right? But I love wandering anywhere/everywhere with my camera in hand, it certainly always fills my creative need.
  • Books- I love reading. I try to fit time for reading into everyday because I feel it's that important. Books are learning tools. They not only teach you things, they take you to places you could never otherwise go. They open your imagination and you are free to view the characters in them any way you can conger them up
  • Spending time with my family and dear friends- I cannot imagine a life without a strong, happy family to laugh with, to play board games with, to spend holidays with and to just enjoy. My family and my close friends are my life.
  • Christmas- I am the one who wants to start decorating for Christmas on November 1st. I am the one who begins listening to Christmas music about that same time. I am the one who has their Christmas cards ordered by November 10th at the latest, and holds dear at least 100 Christmas traditions that I make sure get done every year. It's a big job, but somebody has to do it.
  • Travel- My dream job would be one in which I could travel somewhere new every other day. I would take a billions pictures, write stories, buy gifts for friends and family, and love every minute of walking foreign streets and imagining the history there. Quite honestly, I would never want to come home!
What are you passionate about? I would love to know.

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