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:: Where did April go? ::

Hello April. I can't believe you're about done. Where did you go? I must admit, I am excited for May to get here. To plant my vegetable garden, to put out all the hanging baskets filled to the brim with flowers of every kind. I can't wait!.
 I trust that spring's arrival is treating you well. Lately, I've been making a conscious effort to create more balance in my life. Taking care of myself and those around me has become a priority, which means more face-to-face time and less spent in front of the screen. There are dueling sides, to be sure, as part of me feels a pull to share photographs and stories that I truly care about, while the other longs to be out in nature, preferring handwritten letters to emails, a walk to a browse, and instead of a stationary stance, I want to be moving and creating. 

  • Photographing the explosion of blossoms - before they fall. I know I won't be alone on this one. 
  • Doing more yoga and bike riding.
  • Committing to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Creating my workspace- making it the perfect environment in which to work in.
  • Going to the theater with a friend, who has access to cheap tickets! 
  • Enjoying playing different photo scavenger hunts with friends. 
  • Finding some new hiking trails. And taking them on.
  • Discovering the wondrous colors of the tulips that are popping up.
What's on your to do list? I'd love to know...

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