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:: In the early morning ::

Earlier this morning, the sun was just rising... making the sky look like a messy mixture of pinks and purples. The birds were certainly alert and squawking at an early hour as well, I could hear them above me as my feet kept rhythm on the pavement just below the branches where they were reciting their stories. The morning air was refreshingly cool. The rain has been heavy lately, and I have to be careful to avoid the many puddles that are littered along the walking path. I can smell the damp, fresh earth. I focus on the smell of the fresh morning. As I turn the corner I can smell the lilacs and honeysuckle already blooming and hanging in every direction along the path. The sweet smell is almost intoxicating, and I have to remind myself to move on. By the time I reached home the pounding of my feet and the sound of my own breath are drowned out by the traffic now building up, but the smell of the lilacs and the honeysuckle... is still in the air.

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