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:: It's Pouring ::

Thunderstorms all weekend. The rain has been falling lightly then pounding, then lightly again all day. Through the dark morning hours and then into bleak afternoons, I see no signs that it will cease. And that's okay. It seemed almost impossible to get up and be motivated to do much of anything. So, I stayed in bed and slept a long time before getting an umbrella and taking the dog for our morning walk. Rain or shine, snow or ice- doesn't matter. We walk. Every morning. {Unless we bike} Then, I tried scanning through films on Netflix hoping that something would rouse my mind from its weird slumber state, but nothing. Then I opened the kitchen window, allowing some of the warm, humid air to flow in, and that's when it hit me: the joyful sounds of birds singing in the distance, perhaps a tune of how much we all love the arrival of Spring; the dripping sound the raindrops made as they descended from the roof and into a gutter, and then to the street, creating a small stream that now flows over the street straight to the sewer grate, where you can hear the water rushing below.

Nature has a way of grounding me like nothing else.  The strong connection between us and nature cannot be replaced or replicated by anything else. So, I grabbed my Kindle, a delicious hot cup of coffee, and settled in on the covered outside porch to read and enjoy the sounds of nature all around me. And, it's working for me. Enjoy your day friends, inside or outside, whether it be rain or shine.  

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