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:: Listen close ::

You know that little whisper that is speaking in your heart, Listen carefully to what it says all the time. If you are wise, you will always do what it says... despite your inner fears of failure. Easier said than done, I know that for sure. But in order to go after what we want, We have to take that leap of faith... even though we do not know where it may lead. You will soon find that whenever you start something... you will think that it will go a certain way... but, soon you'll find that it usually never goes that way. There are twist, and turns, and moments where you will feel like you are going in circles. But, you're not. You are on a journey. Following your own path. You need to begin that journey now. Take your ideas and go after them. Send out those invitations, open up that store, start writing that book. Just begin. What ever it is, just simply BEGIN.

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