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:: The lone flower ::

Actual color. Isn't it eye-popping?

It's the simple moments I have during the day {my breaks} within a busy day that keep me grounded. Taking some time to sip a perfectly poured shot of espresso and musing over ideas which have percolated since the sun began to rise, and slowing my pace from a full-speed-ahead kind of day, I look forward to these tiny slivers of time when words are hardly required, and my thoughts are free to wander where they want. 

A walk in the garden, or around the pond at the park, a spontaneous dance party, or a sweet nibble of something delicious ~ whatever makes you happy, we all need an afternoon recharge, and I would love to know what break-time pleasures you savor.  It's only 15 minutes... but, I make it so much more... you?

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