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:: A more deliberate pace please ::

I have to. I simply must find ways to be slow and deliberate about my days.
When I walk upstairs I watch my feet...because I'm running from task to 

chore from work to house work, from frustration to exhaustion.

Today, my body real felt it. Exhaustion. I felt it coming on last night after
an intense week and a very emotional weekend. Lots of worry. 

It's hard sometimes to remember that lots of goodness fills my cup.
And it's overflowing. I really must acknowledge that more.

Today, my body felt it. Today, it reminded me that even dreams need to
take deep breaths, and opportunities need deliberate attention.
Time is on my side. Truly. I will take a step back. And stand in awe.
Because, this life, all of it, is kind of amazing-- the discomfort and all.

Today my body reminded me to celebrate all this goodness slowly,
to cultivate it, to give it the patience it deserves, to simply watch
and pay attention.

Deep breaths. Eyes closed. Deep breaths. Eyes open. Deep breaths.

Today my body felt it. No doubt about it.

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