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:: Serious changes ::

In just one little moment... everything can change
In one split second your life could flip upside down
Yesterday I learned that my friend
who has only been married for one week
and who's birthday was yesterday
well, her best friend just found out
she has only 2-3 months left to live
Cancer  Simple as that
Changing everything,for them, forever

Moments like this... 
Moments that creep up on us
Striking when we are least expecting
Leaving us breathless
Leaving us shaken up
Our minds a flutter of indecision
Wondering... what can I do?

The world has now altered for her
Once we see something, we cannot un-see it
Once we know something, we can't ignore it
So where do we go from here?
How do we step through this moment
And arrive on the other side ok
That is a very good question
And the answer? It is different for each of us
I heard she loves blooming spring trees...

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