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I have a beautiful home. And, I have a beautiful Living Room. And a beautiful Den/Office. Not like this though.
I honestly wish that I had a whole extra day at the end of each day in which to simply read. There are just so many amazing stories, words and ideas, I wish I could just absorb them all. The strange thing about me I think,  is that 
when I read, I can never only read one book at a time. 

I have a pile of at least 3 books going  on at any given time, a few magazines I love, and then there's all the articles and stuff I save from perusing the internet. So, yea, lots always going on at once for sure. But, if I had things my way, That picture above would be my living room for sure. It's perfect. Just perfect. I would sit in there for hours on cold winter days, or chilly overcast rainy days, light a crackling fire, pull on my favorite soft blanket and simply read the whole day away.  Well, a girl can dream can't she? Are you like that about reading at all?

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