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:: Daydreaming ::

One of my biggest and best dreams is to travel the world. I want to see absolutely everything that I 
possibly can, meet as many people as possible, and see wondrous things I didn’t even imagine 
could have existed. I could easily become bitter at my life right now, which does not include either 
the time, nor the money or the freedom to travel. 

However, I think it's important to note here that one does not have to travel the world in order to 
practice seeing things and people, and even yourself in a brand new way. For a while now, I’ve 
been doing lots of reading and thinking about ideas that are completely outside my own spiritual 
traditions, political culture, and daily grind. Deliberately seeking out new ways of thinking has been 
incredibly refreshing, and I highly recommend it! For me at lease, this has been my little way of 
getting out of my little corner of the world and allowed me to feel my heart opening, my 
compassion growing, and my own narrow mindedness exposed for what it is. Try it sometime. 

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