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:: A fun day ::

I took Lily here today to swim. It doesn't look anything like this anymore though. I know that times change but this was more like a wasteful destruction for no good reason. This used to be a great place to swim. It had an olympic size heated pool, Deep end 12 ft. High dives, low dives, numerous slides, and 5-6 years back it was torn apart and a small pool was put in. It could actually fit in some peoples back yard. At it's deepest end it is 4 feet. You can't even dive into water at 4 feet so you can't teach diving. There are no diving boards, no slides, just some playground thing for small kids with water sprays. AND the beautiful building you see in the picture-demolished as well. It was a real icon in my city, and the worst part is, we the people (taxpayers) paid for this destruction, but we were never given any input on the plans for it. Still aren't. It is depressing to say the least. Times have certainly changed alright. And, not for the better either.

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