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:: A little care goes a long way ::

I was considering the difference between self care and self restoration today. I was wondering what part 
they play in relation to the other and which must come first. Or if there is really a difference at all. I just think 
that all in all, we must show ourselves a little love now and again and remember that we are well worth it. 
All the time.

Self Care: The need to do something good for ourselves. Expressing love and kindness towards ourselves. Pampering our external selves. Taking a brain break to read or enjoy nature. Daily meditation and or exercise. 

Self Restoration:
 Allowing ourselves time to heal from internal and external wounds.
 Letting others help us heal.
 Getting adequate rest.
 Nourishing our bodies with healthy food. 
 Being present with our emotions 

 Expressing ourselves honestly.

I've been meaning to go out with my friends and get a pedicure. But I just don't do it. I find a million excuses not to go. I'm not even sure why this is difficult for me to do. Weird. But, I would rather take a nap, or read, or go hiking, or just ride my bike rather that get a pedicure. I like doing it myself. I'm kind to myself. I have sort of a ritual so to speak. It's calming.

Maybe, I'm just too busy. I'm so happy summer is here and all that it brings with... no more lulling around. I am really always on the go anymore - determined not to miss a thing, I have no doubt in my mind that I will plow through this phase, but for now I'm still trying to figure out what exactly my needs are!

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