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How do you remember vacations and road trips and just little things about all the places that you happen to visit?

Do you buy souvenirs or T-shirts? I used to do that. Buy things from everywhere that I went. But, 
in the end, those things never lasted. I'll tell you what did last though. My pictures. Now you can 
save them to disc, or external hard drive... but, you will always have them. And the beautiful 
memories right along with them. My advice to you...

Take photos of your meals - it's a great way to remember them.
Take photos of things that are usually overlooked like; Strange billboards or signs
Take photos of wildlife, and beautiful flora and fauna
Take photos of interesting people that you notice everywhere 
Take photos of anything and everything that catches your eye.

That way you will always have tons of souvenirs by way of memories every time you get home and transfer them 
to your computer. Another thing. Make sure you take lots of pictures of yourself and the people you are with. 
It's not only more interesting, but more memorable as well. What do you love to take photos of when you travel? 

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