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:: seek and you shall find ::

You have to look for it.

Seek out beauty in unexpected places, as it can fill small moments with joy and laughter, just like the sunshine can spread warmth wherever it reaches... kind of like the feeling you get with a big smile from a total stranger.
There is beauty around every corner to be sure, just as there is light, even in the darkness. It's there. Yes, it's always there, sometimes you just have to look for it. Where?

Look in places and spaces where you never looked before. Look up, and soak in the shapes of the white fluffy clouds floating above you, then, look below you. Sink down low, in fact, lay in the grass. See the world from a new perspective. It's good to seek out different angles. One should always look at things from many different angles. 

When we bother to look at things from different angles, we begin to see things through other peoples eyes. Things we've never seen or even considered before. Experiences we have only dreamed of. We begin to learn, we begin to grow, we push our boundaries out further and further... we open up. Confidence is gained. A deeper trust is developed and we begin to live boldly, trusting ourselves and others and ready, always ready for that next great adventure.

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