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:: When I grow up... ::

A short list of a few things I would like to be ~ now that I'm all grown up and such...

  1. Photographer {full time pro}
  2. Gourmet Popsicle stand owner
  3. Artist {and sell my wares}
  4. Gardner with my own veggie stand
  5. Beekeeper {and seller of pure honey}
  6. Greenhouse owner
  7. Yoga Instructor for the elderly
  8. Life Coach
  9. Seed Saver {Preserve each years seeds}
  10. Blogster of my own city {activities, where to eat, etc}

Do you ever think about all the other things you'd like to do as well? It just occurred to me that we all have these things that we would love to be doing, but we don't. Why don't we? If each and every day we took one small step towards our goals I'll bet before too long we would be doing exactly what we want to do. I'm willing to try. One 
step at a time. One day at a time. What do I have to lose? Not one darn thing. And neither do you.

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