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I was thinking the other day about wishes,  hopes and dreams. Wishes are for many people, like fairy tales 
you read and fall in love with when you're a child, but, somewhere along the way, you grow up and grow 
out of believing in them. Not me. I believe in wishes, and in hopes and in dreams. I'm a big dreamer. 

And wishes are a naturally occurring thing that happen quite often every chance I get. Like, blowing out 
the candles on my birthday cake {with praline frosting I might add}, birthday wishes are not to be taken 
ightly. But that isn't the only thing to be wished upon. There are tons of things to wish upon. Tons.

Like falling stars. What makes this so nice is that multiple people can wish on the same star. 
All you have to do is see a falling star,  and you simply make your wish. 
The only rule is that you must see the star yourself.

A good time to get a wish like this is during a meteor shower. Or, you can wish on the "First Star". 
This happens every day, so it's an easy one when you need a wish. All you do is when you see the first 
star that appears in the night sky, you recite this rhyme:  Then, make your wish.

Star light, star bright First star I see tonight I wish I may, I wish I might  
Have the wish I wish tonight.

Wishbones are found in any whole cooked fowl. Generally, the larger the bird, the stronger the wish. 
This wish takes some preparation, as you have to let the wishbone dry out before using it. Overnight 
is usually good enough, although if you're in a hurry you could put it in a low oven for a few hours. 
Once the wishbone is dry, get someone else to hold one end while you hold the other. Close your eyes 
and make a wish, then pull apart the wishbone on the count of three. Whoever gets the larger piece has 
their wish come true. In the extremely unlikely event that the pieces are equal, both wishes come true.

Straw Wrappers. This is similar to the wishbone. Remove the paper from the straw and tie a knot in it. 
One person pulls at each end until the paper tears, and whoever has the knot gets their wish.

Eyelashes. If an eyelash falls out accidentally, put it on the back of your hand. Close your eyes and 
make your wish while blowing gently. If the eyelash is gone when you open your eyes—wish granted!

Penny. One might argue that a penny's real value lies in the wishing, because a penny can be 
thrown into any ole body of water. While some will tell you to make the wish while it's in the air, 
others will insist that you can't wish until it hits the water. Either way, pennies are great for wishing.

Rainbows. How do you not wish on a rainbow? Rainbows are awesome. When you see one, close 
your eyes and wish. Then count to ten, keeping your eyes closed. If you can still see the rainbow 
when you open your eyes—wish granted.

The Moon. You can't wish on the moon any time, but if it's full (or if it's your birthday), 
wish on it when it's at its highest point.

Ladybugs. If a ladybug lands on you—a real one, not those biting orange monstrosities—make your wish and say 
"Ladybug Ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone." If she flies away, you get your wish. 
Be sure to express your condolences to the Ladybug on her loss.

Stones. Plenty of people keep a Wishing Stone in their pocket. It can be one you found on a beach, 
or got for a gift, or something native to your state. Just rub the flat side of the stone with your 
thumb and make a wish whenever you need to.

Fountains. These don't seem wish-appropriate since fountains are man-made. 
But something about all that rushing water inspires people to toss a coin in and wish. 
Some say the bigger the denomination of coin, the better the wish.

Acorns. Acorns hold the seeds that grow into oak trees, so that's already pretty cool. 
If an acorn should fall on your head, pick it up and wish on it. If it's a big wish, 
leave the acorn on your windowsill for three days to facilitate wish granting. 
For love wishes, send the acorn to the object of your desire.

Falling Leaves. See a leaf falling from a tree? Quick! Make a wish on it before it hits the ground. 
Take the leaf home with you and press it in a book. Your wish will be true for as long as you know where the leaf is.

Dandelions. People without allergies often find white dandelions great for wishing. 
Pick the dandelion and hold it in front of your face. 
Close your eyes and blow. If all the white stuff comes off in one breath—you get your wish!

I've given you a lot of ways to make wishes. Surprisingly, if you look, you will find them everyday. 
Just close your eyes and make that wish. Most important,,, believe it!

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