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:: 100 quirks and counting ::

My own weirdness's...

1. I do not have a tattoo, nor will I ever have one. I don't believe in marking my body for life.
2. I used to hate brussel sprouts -now I love them. 
3. Autumn is my favorite season - though I'm happiest when those first days of Spring come. 
4. Blonde is my natural hair color and yes - it is naturally curly.
5. I'm kind as hell, but can be quite sarcastic once you get to know me. 
6. At random times I break out into a wild dance party with me, myself, and I. 
7. I've never been to California. {I'm worried it will fall into the ocean when I visit} 
8. I have never broken one single bone in my entire body ever. 
9. I love picnics. But rarely have the time to go. 
10. I use humor to break awkward silences- or, when I feel nervous. 
11. I love sweaters and wish I could wear them more but I get too hot. 
12. I'm teaching myself the German language. It's hard with no one to practice with. 
13. If I dream that you did something bad or upset me-I actually treat it as though it happened
14. I rarely watch tv and when I do it is the Discovery Channel or something worthwhile
15. I used to be really good at Mario Brothers when it first came out-on the original Nintendo, 
16. Tennis was my sport of choice when younger and I would play for a few hours every day. 
17. I love pears, though I am not a big fruit eater- there are only a few kinds I actually eat. 
18. I love sci-fi movies - all kinds!
19. I love coffee - and I drink it all day long {with water as well}
20. But I am also learning to appreciate the many flavors of tea.  
21. I love to be underestimated. It makes it more fun to prove you wrong. 
22. I don't have a sweet tooth- I very rarely eat candy or sweets. 
23. I love making lists - for everything. Lists make everything easier.
24. I don't like the heat or a too hot sun. 
25. I love Christmas lights and wrap my inside tree with one that shines all year long. 
26. I am a morning person for sure. 
27. I love to cook and try new recipes all the time. 
28. I KNOW red M&M's taste best. People still try (and fail) to convince me that this is irrational. 
29. Also, the elephant does indeed taste best in a box of animal crackers. {Who doesn't know this?} 
30. I failed scissors in Kindergarten - and even argued the logic of why I should need such a talent. 
31. My middle name is Lynn-as was half of the girls my age in school. Lynn, Ann, or Marie. 
32. I do not like dish sponges - I picture millions of germs in those things. 
33. I never went to my High School Prom
34. I'm not a big fan of second hand smoke.
35. I never get tired of eating spicy Mexican type foods
36. Retirement plans? Move to where I would like to retire, work there until I feel like I'm ready to. 
37. I love being creative in whatever direction that may take me in. 
38. My hair was so white as a child, that people used to ask me if I had eyebrows and eyelashes. 
39. I love lip balm-I'm never without it- I will go back home if needed, or stop into the nearest store. 
40. I fall asleep on my side in a fetal position, I have been told that I snore-not sure. 
41. I have a hard time finishing things I start-but I have gotten better at that over the years. 
42. I walk rather fast-and I tend to do things during my day quickly-not sure why. 
43. I wanted an iphone for 6 years before I actually-finally bought one.  
44. I used to love the show "Heroes" and feel that it ended badly. 
45. I believe in Astrology to an extent-as a Gemini I agree I exhibit many of the traits as described.
46. When I was young I took ballet- tap dancing- and gymnastics every week. 
47. Fav concert?The Eagles playing Hotel California on Lake Geneva-the light show was incredible. 
48. When I do splurge on espresso drinks, I drink chocolate or caramel lattes - or a holiday specialty. 
49. I loved the Bee Gees growing up and their music still makes me happy. 
50. I do not have a twitter account
51. I don't drink as much water as I should. But I try.
52. I like word games
53. I loved the movie "Gone with the wind" and I have actually read the book at least five times. 
54. I plan for everything, but I'm trying to learn to be spontaneous. 
55. I have lots of cute coffee cups, but I use the same one every day. 
56. I hardly ever read the instructions-I just do
57. I am quite selective when it comes to someone I befriend. 
58. Rap music to me- sounds like all of our tennis shoes in the dryer
59. I sing aloud and dance around like a complete idiot when I’m home alone. 
60. I always have the feeling I’m “winging” it. Must be a confidence thing. 
61. I never thought it possible, but I don't know the latest songs, artists or, what’s on the radio. 
62. I recycle as much as possible-and I think everybody should do the same, 
63. I have too many interests. I want to take every class possible and do everything I can.
64. I enjoy wearing vintage jewelry and often wear brooches. 
65. I am never late-always early-but never-ever late. 
66. If I stay up too late at night for whatever reason, I always regret it in the morning. 
67. I love road trips anytime to anywhere. 
68. I don't like being hot. I'd rather be cold-you can dress for the cold, but not for the heat.
69. I still have notes I saved from High School. 
70. I can be very anti-social at times. But really, I'm just moving inward.
71. I love origami but I do not have the patience to do it myself. 
72. I like being different from everyone else. 
73. I do believe in soul mates, destiny, serendipity, and  karma- I've lived long enough to see it.
74. I respect the beliefs and views of others, but have no respect for those who don't do the same. 
75. Butterflies make me feel inspired
76. I like eating raisins alone, but I don't like them if they are put into anything. 
77. Which reminds me-I hate vomiting - I simply don't do it at all if I can at all help it. 
78. Sometimes I feel all alone in the world and very depressed. 
79. I love black olives and can and will eat a whole can every once in a while. 
80. I set my clocks 5 minutes fast just because. 
81. I have always been good at shooting hoops {basketball}. 
82. I keep a full glass of water by my bed every night-but rarely ever drink it. 
83. I'm grumpy when things are out of order or messy-but happy when organized. 
84. I have a blogger account and I keep up with it!
85. I love Cherry-limeades from Sonic but only during Happy Hour! 
86. I miss Der Weinerschnitzel we have no hot dog places close.
87. I do not like clowns-they are freakish and scary.
88. My blood type is O- and so I am always asked to donate a lot. 
89. When I was in second grade I wrote a Haiku about a butterfly that I can still recite to this day.
90. I cannot eat cilantro-it makes me gag {see #77 }
91. People who talk in the plural form bother me. Do they have multiple personalities?
92. While the rest of me is completely under the covers, I have to poke my feet out.
93. Hot, delicious homemade bread is my nemesis. I love it. It hates me back.
94. I can only brush my teeth after my morning coffee.
95. I speak inwardly to myself a lot... and I get the answers I need!
96. I sleep like a log, but sometimes, I'm up all night long-the next day, it's like nothing happened.
97. I simply hate making menu's and then going grocery shopping. I want to retire from it.
98. I can't stand the lone cricket who found his way to my basement. I will find you.
99. I don't really like socks because I don't like my feet getting too hot.
100. I don't like people who greet you with a hug. I stay far away from them. Don't they get it?
It's crazy isn't it? I have a lot of quirks. Worse? I think I could actually think of 100 more! Well, that is it for now. I am sure that if I really thought about it hard enough-I could go on and on forever, but needless to say, this just goes to show you that each of us is so very different from the other in millions of little quirky ways. Do you see any similarities in any of the things I mentioned? Good!  Now, I would love to know...what makes you different? What are your quirks? Think about it.

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