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:: A Daring Adventure ::

155 Ways to Live a Daring Life

1. Begin rather than follow 2. Connect with others 3. See fear as an opportunity 4. Dare yourself 5. Follow your heart and your dreams 6. Surrender to the moment 7. Love yourself through your fear 8. Be present and sit with your fear 9. Meditate twice daily 10. Accept your fear 11. Be prepared, do the research 12. Let go of judgment 13. Do something creative 14. Pray 15. Become a beginner 16. Speak from your heart 17. Rewrite your history 18. Center and ground yourself 19. Drop your negative story 20. Ask someone you admire for advice 21. Be kind to yourself 22. Open up to your fear 23. Claim your courage 24. Stand in your strength 25. Speak up 

26. Break free from your emotional bondage 27. Find a way to feel good 28. Do something now 29. Ask for support 30. Let go of whose fault it is. 31. Breathe 32. Listen to your intuition 33. Become crystal clear. 34. Unhook from the approval of others 35. Use fear as an opportunity to transform 36. Hold a vision of love for your future 37. Know you're worthy of your good 38. Unleash and consult your genius 39. Be determined and unstoppable 40. Chart your destiny. 41. See your problems as possibilities 42. Lose sight of the shore. 43. Stop doubting what you know 44. Create a magnificent plan 45. Explore all of your options 46. Decide to get things done 47. Imagine something wonderful happening 48. Spend time with those who love you 49. Go where you can be inspired 50. Be with those who see your magnificence.

51. Be uncool 52. Lose your need to fit in 53. Don’t allow fear to decide 54. Be you. Be seen. Be loved 55. Allow struggle 56. Breathe 57. Gather some cheerleaders 58. Partner with others 59. Create a support team 60. Experience what frightens you 61. Finish the sentence, “Wouldn’t it be nice to..?" 62. Dare to fail 63. Don’t push against life. Go with the flow 64. Accept your imperfection 65. Become an expert 66. Befriend yourself 67. Put one foot in front of the other.  68. Take a nap 69. Dream of new beginnings 70. Take fear defeating action 71. Celebrate a past success 72. Write down the consequences of giving up 73. Put your self in the hot spot, be accountable to others 74. Trust in synchronicity and serendipity 75. Create space for your dream life.

76. Take inspired action 77. Surrender the outcome 78. Fall in love with the unknown, your paradise 79. Let go of striving and struggling 80. Be willing to go through the dark place 81. Remember who you really are 82. Have complete faith in the moment and the task 83. Look at fear as a beginning 84. Believe others want you to do well 85. Enjoy life anyway 86. Believe in your ability to succeed 87. Don’t stop, stand or wait. Move 88. Know what you really want. 89. Believe that all of your problems are solved 90. Work effortlessly 91. Allow yourself to be surprised 92. Get comfortable with discomfort 93. Share your doubts with a confidant 94. Calm your frantic mind in nature 96. Look for and learn your lessons 97. See uncertainty as a path to possibility 98. Let go of "needing" to know 99. Celebrate the amazing life that you have 100. Embrace fear as a learning experience 

101. Make it count 102. Dwell on what you want to be, have, and do 103. See it working out in the end 104. Be grateful in advance 105. Think of all the things that will go right 106. Minimize your mistakes 107. Don’t compete. Einstein didn’t 108. Root your actions in love 109. Practice loving yourself “as is” 110. Practice effortlessness 111. Cheer up. Believe that others are willing to help you 112. Reach out to somebody in need and serve 113. Be seriously amazing 114. Take a leap, the world won’t come to an end 115. Remember the time you faced fear and won 116. Remain soft and open 117. Lean into your fear 118. Remember fear will arise and dissipate again and again 119. You’re afraid. Jump anyway 120. Never stop living out loud 121. Never stop believing 123. Take penguin steps 124. Believe in your abundance 125. Take your fear to the gym 

126. Give up concern about tomorrow 127. Avoid detours 128. Create vs Imitate 129. Look at others as friends not competitors 130. Pay attention to unease 131. Refuse to betray yourself.
132. Be obsessed with boldness 133. Be unique. Be you 134. Follow through 135. Intend to make the world a better place 136. Heal your past 137. Find your tribe 138. Define success on your terms 139. Be insidious, insatiable, and relentless 140. Decide 141. Bring joy to your work 142. Laugh at yourself. 143. Lighten up 144. Have a creative vision 145. Give up your biggest excuse 146. Take off your mask 147. Take your own advice 148. Bless your fear 149. Show up.
150. Burn your excuses 151. Surrender to joy 152. Share how you feel 153. Connect and cooperate 154. Do big bold things. 155. Just do.

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