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according to an article that I recently read, these are the Top Ten Emotional Needs people have.

Acceptance - A ready reception with a favorable positive response, even after failure.
Affection - to communicate care and closeness through physical touch and words.
Appreciation - to express with words and feelings a personal gratefulness for another.
Approval - expressed commendatio, to think and speak well of.
Attention - to show interest and support
Comfort (empathy) - to give consolation with tenderness.
Encouragement - to urge forward and postively persuade toward a goal.
Respect - to value and regard highly; to convey great worth.
Security - confidence of harmony in relationships; free from harm.
Support - come alongside and gently help carry a load

I certainly don't disagree with this at all. It's just that, I would have assumed that this was a given. I mean, doesn't everybody already know this? Shouldn't we as adults and as human beings already be acting in this manner towards one another? But, I guess seeing this as a list kind of took me by surprise. Then, later it occurred to me that everybody isn't like this. That people really do have to be told how to behave because somewhere along the line they didn't get it growing up I guess. And somehow, just knowing that, is really quite upsetting to me. What kind of a world do we live in when you have to explain to people that they simply need to treat other people the way they would want to be treated themselves? Really? How sad is that? 

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