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:: Goodbye Fruit Flies ::

I realize that summer is half over, but just thought I would throw in a helpful tip. With summer and hot weather, come my least favorite household pest… the fruit fly. They drive me insane. Until now that is. Yes indeed, nothing in this whole wide world can spoil a glass of wine quite like a fruit fly, don't you agree? Not to mention their constant mission to speed the ripening and rotting of anything fresh left out on the counter. Which is like everything delicious during the warmer months of the year! Tomatoes, peaches, melons, etc. They just won’t leave any of it alone. But I have a solution that has changed everything. The fruit fly suicide bath. You heard me right. It just takes two ingredients in one jar, to achieve days of fruit fly free living. Just pour about an inch red wine vinegar into a jar. Add one drop of dish soap. Leave on counter, preferably near where they like to congregate. This stuff is GENIUS! The soap breaks the surface tension of the liquid, so the flies can’t sit on top of the vinegar. They are unable to resist the sour sweet rotting smell and sink directly to the bottom of the jar. I’ve been keeping a jar like this out on the counter since June. When I haven’t seen any in a few days I usually dump it out and wait for their return, then make a fresh batch. I assume eventually things will cool off here, but in the meantime this keeps me feeling like things in the kitchen are much more civilized. Are you having problems with fruit flies?

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