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:: It's what summer is all about ::

Summer is always good. Really good.

It just screams of possibilities. When I was young summer was all about exploring and creating and very much using my imagination. Reading, going to the library every day for the summer reading program, swimming all the time, bike riding, tennis playing and just getting dirty in general. Going to church camp, visiting relatives and going on summer vacations. Days and days where the only thing there was to think about was how I was going to spend my day. And then, I became a teenager. I would douse my body in baby oil and lay outside and tan. Yes, it's true. And listen to the great music of the time. Those are the many things that I associate with summer for sure. And it will never be the same now as it was then but, there are moments of déjà vu.

Strawberries, fresh peaches, watermelon... just dripping off your chin, bright, colorful fragrant flowers are growing everywhere, swimming at the same pools that I did as a child... going to the drive in with a whole carload of friends, YARD SALES!, road trips, impromptu barbecues that spring out of nowhere,cherry flavored sno-cones for sure and skirts, cotton tank tops, flip-flops and brightly colored nail polish just perfect for everyday summer fun. Summers as an adult aren't nearly as carefree now but I like to pretend that they are. How about you? As an adult, how do you spend your summers? I'd love to know.

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