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:: Look out ::

As the seasons begin to change, spring has given way to summer, and the fresh warm wind blows in... 
illness! Over the past couple of weeks everyone around me has been sick - I've been dodging total 
landmines I tell you. Washing my hands every 30 minutes. Keeping away from anyone who may look 
the least bit suspicious... and then -BAM! Hits my good friend. Badly. I just got done dropping some 
dinner off to her.  And a little extra goodness as well...

  • a batch of homemade soup I made today for her
  • fresh honey from the farmers market
  • a few fresh lemons {to go with the honey in some tea}
  • 4 dvd movies that she had been wanting to see
  •  our large laptop that we are not using at the moment
  • a suduko book {she loves doing those}
  • warm, fuzzy socks
  • vicks vapor rub

Think that should do it? Now, I'm sure I'll be catching this thing. It seems there is just no avoiding 
this bad boy that's been going around lately. Sigh. Summer colds are the worst. My fingers are crossed.

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