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:: On understanding children today ::

Things have changed a great deal since I was a child of course, and that is to be expected. But, I must tell you that every time I am with my granddaughter Lily, and I do mean every time, I learn something new - or - hear something new - or - experience something new. Most of the time, I am not impressed in the least and I tend to roll my eyes and wonder where the good old days have gone and that the kids of today are doomed, {I know, I don't really mean that} but, they sure don't have it as good as I did. Geez, my mom would push me out of the house and tell me to go play - and she meant all day. She meant use my imagination. And she meant go be a kid. You can't even do that in today's world. Watching the news the other night, I saw that a child was taken away from his parents for playing alone in his yard for God's sake. And this child is 11 years old. What is this world coming to? Parents have no control over their own children anymore it seems, or the direction in which they would like said child to go in.

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now, because once started, it's hard for me to stop ranting about all the stupid, crazy, nonsensical things that I see and hear about every damn day. OK, so back to the whole learning something new. A few years ago when my granddaughter was only 4 years old she showed me a video she just loved. I could not believe it. Kinda cute, kinda wild, hard for me to see that it was good for a 4 year old though. And, looking rather like me, she just rolled her eyes and said "Oh Grandma, your just old, you don't like anything". Really? "yea, my daddy said that". Well of course my son said that because he only listened to crap too. Nice. Anyway, I let that go and now here we are 3 years later. She came over, we went swimming, she comes back in the house and sits at my computer and pulls up youtube and what do I hear? That same music video. She still listens to it to this day. I guess it is cute. But, one thing is for sure, I never heard a kids song like that when I was growing up. You decide. And then you tell me.

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