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;: seed bombs anyone? ::

I’ve been intrigued, lately, with the idea of making seed bombs with the grand kids and then helping them find some really neglected areas that could use a seed bomb (or two or three). Seed bombs are small balls – a mixture of clay, compost and seeds – that you can toss onto an empty lot or a neglected patch of ground to help green your community. The clay and compost protect the seeds from drying out in the sun (which makes seed bombs especially useful in dry/arid areas) or getting eaten by birds. When enough rain has permeated the ball, the seeds will begin to sprout, nourished by the compost mixture.

I can just imagine how fun it would be to chuck a few of these over fences and onto empty lots around town and see what happens. Wouldn't it be lovely if all those empty, ugly areas suddenly started sprouting up thousands of beautiful sweet smelling flowers?

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