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:: Slow Morning ::

This morning I was lucky enough to sleep in and upon awakening felt very lazy indeed. 
I lay in bed for a while, allowing myself to wake up very slowly, stretching a bit, yawning 
a lot, resisting the idea of getting up and starting my day, toying with the idea of going right 
back to sleep for a couple more hours... but, the dog caught me. So did the cat. So, any 
chance of going back to sleep was now out the window. No way would those two let me 
go back to sleep before being fed. 

So, Off I trudged in my sweatpants and t-shirt to the kitchen to take care of the first 
order of the day... the feeding of the manimals! I try to hurry, but to them, nothing is 
fast enough, They want to be fed and they want to be fed NOW! As soon as they are 
fed, I start the coffee... the lovely aroma is soon filling the air and suddenly things are 
right with the world. 

I stand by the sink, looking out the window, it's another dark, dreary, misty/rainy day out. 
The kind perfect for curling up with a good book and a delicious cup of coffee... 
but I have to work today. Sigh. It's then I notice the feel of the rug under my bare feet. 
Soft, cushy, warm even. I notice how good I feel, {despite the lack of sunshine} 
and begin to think about what I'd like for breakfast. 

No time to go out for Brunch today. Waffles! Time to test out my new waffle maker! 
That with some delicious sausage and orange juice should make for a perfect Sunday breakfast!
So, after our morning walk I came back home ready and armed with my perfect, 
no-fail recipe I begin the making of the waffles. This is no simple task either as I am 
quite particular about how my waffles turn out. Then, they must be smothered in real 
butter and covered in maple syrup-but not too much-just enough and no more. I dip my 
sausage in that syrup as well you know. In no time at all breakfast is ready -and I am 
more than happy witht the performance of my new wafflemaker indeed! It's perfect! I 
ate way too much as usual, and, setting the few leftovers down for the sweet little manimals 
- I can see that they too are completely stuffed and looking for the most comfortable place 
in which to nap. What a life they have.

With the dishes done and put away, it's time to take a leisurly shower. I apply a mud 
mask to my face and begin to pick out clothes for the day. And accessories. And flip-flops. 
After all, this is Sunday. I jump in the shower and take some extra time deep conditioning 
my hair {and washing off that face mask}, and afterwards, apply oil and some delicious 
lotion to my dry skin. Feeling pretty darn good, I reluctantly get dressed wishing I could just 
stay home and enjoy a quiet Sunday. Slow down. Work on some crafting. But no. This is 
just not to be. But, in thinking about my morning so far... I'm having a great day, it's funny 
how it really doesn't take much to do that right? How about you? What small things get your 
day going in the right direction? I for one, would love to know!  

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