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While thrifting the other day at Fred & Ethels,  I came upon something I had never seen before. It was a box stuffed full of old photographs of all kinds. A mixture of many different types of people and families... you could tell this was not just from one family... and they spanned many years between them. When I inquired about the box the cashier said "yea, usually we just throw that stuff away-people only want the box". I was frantic. Who, would throw away pictures like this? Didn't they have family who would want these? I mean, there was always a basket here with a few old photos, but this was really big. And they were selling them with the box for $5.00. Of course I bought it. I couldn't just let all those pictures get thrown away...

I couldn't help looking at them and wondering what their stories were. I began to make up stories in my mind about them based on the background and scenery, their posture, their pose, facial expressions, and their appearance. crazy right? But I just couldn't help it. I felt sorry for them. I think I'm going to make a large collage out of them maybe on a large tabletop covered by glass. I can't decide. Perhaps I can find some ideas on Pinterest for something I can do with all these pictures, but you can bet that in the coming weeks I'll do some stories of some of these pictures! They deserve that much at least.

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