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:: Today I did not... ::

  • park in the appropriate space
  • go to work
  • make any healthy, balanced meals for my family.
  • get along with my husband.
  • enjoy my family in any way.
  • talk to any of my friends. talked to one friend
  • do anything nice for anyone.
  • get any uninterrupted time to read my book.
  • feel like praying.
  • appreciate other people's talents.
  • laugh.
  • make anyone else laugh.
  • clean my house.
  • contribute to pinterest or instagram.
  • plan any creative or fun summer activities. 
  • pick up a gallon of milk.
  • travel anywhere interesting.
  • see a newly released movie.
  • encourage anyone.
  • go to a festival or a concert.
  • find my dog adorable.
  • go to the beach.
  • sit by a fire pit or roast marshmallows.
  • Do much more than stare at the ceiling/floor

So by Facebook standards, I have done nothing today.  I didn't even shave my legs.  
I did, however, indulge in some self-pity. Perhaps I'll try harder tomorrow. We'll see. No promises.

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