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:: Yummy Sunday ::

Time to talk about what I love about Sunday!

I just can’t keep myself away from the Sunday Brunch buffet at Granite City.  It is just so awesome. I have 
dreams about the reggiano hash browns.  Seriously, dreams.  I’m a real sucker for a cheesy-potato dish, but 
these take the cake.  I can’t even explain the sophisticated, sharpness of this flavor, you simply must try them yourself. Ok, enough about the potatoes, the rest of the buffet is just as good too. They offer an omelet 
station, a prime rib station, tons of fresh fruit, eggs every which way including a delicious any way you want them 
Eggs Benedict station, pancakes, waffles, great quality large sausage links and thick cut slices of  smoked bacon.  
They also have lunch dishes available on the buffet as well like a hot seafood pasta and delicious veggies. Folks, 
this an all around great buffet, and you know that I don't say this lightly. In fact, I have been known to put so much 
food down at this place, that I don't even eat again the rest of the whole day! {saves time}

 Don’t forget about the impressive cinnamon rolls.  Always hot, fresh and addictive. No, mustn't forget that!
I don’t always love buffets for brunch, but everything they serve is great on this one.  Tip: the earlier you arrive, 
the better. {like you couldn't guess that one right?} 

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