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:: 25 things I will never grow tired of ::

1. The sound of the kiddos laughing
2. Dancing in my house when I am home alone.
3. Singing at the top of my lungs in the shower, possibly mixed in with some dancing.
4. Spending time with my good friends. They really crack me up. And, they get me.
5. The sound, look, smell, and feel of the ocean. What's not to love?
6. Music. All kinds. Every kind.
7. Reading a good book curled up in a really comfy chair. {with a hot drink}
8. Swimming. Especially in a crystal clear, warm ocean. 
9. Riding my bicycle on a crisp, autumn day.
10. Wishing on stars. or on coins thrown in fountains... just wishing...
11. The feel of the warm sun on my face.
12. Being outside in autumn. {can't tell that's my favorite time of the year can you?}
13. Finding inspirational quotes, stories, or anything creative.
14. Crafting, creating, journaling, all things that bring my creativity to the surface.
15. Artist dates. And there are plenty of them.
16. Going on adventures, large or small.
17. The movie "It's a wonderful Life" Now if only I owned a copy of it again.
18. Coffee. The aroma. The many flavors. Or just plain black. with cream please.
19. Summertime. And favorite time of year!!
20  A really good meal with really great company.
21. Gatherings, where lots of friends and family surround me.
22. Comedians. I love listening to them. They really crack my up and I love laughing.
23. Laughing --over anything or nothing. Sometimes I really crack myself up and I love laughing.
24. People and their stories. About life, living, and how they became who they are.
25. Connecting with others. After all, isn't that what it's all about?

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