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:: 50 Things found in my purse ::

well, it has not been a normal everyday run of the mill week for me. it was a week in which I traveled a great distance to see my grand children and then drive them home to my place. in the past I always flew southwest. But, they have now moved to the east coast of this great country and so now I travel east. North Carolina. It is a beautiful state, too hot for my tastes however. and. even when I am all by myself standing alone people say how are ya'll today? who all? I look around and realize they are just talking to me. weird. It would be like me answering them with a quick "we are not amused". really? The first time I heard my granddaughter say it - well let's just say I nipped that in the bud. close one. Good thing they will be home schooled. getting back to the what's in my purse thing... the kids just completely dumped it out to show their grandfather that indeed grandma has everything, and most of it can be found in my purse. So, they wrote down a list and I will show it to you. remember, this is coming off of a trip home. I don't usually carry most of this stuff. Sigh. well maybe I do. I have a rather large purse. I always have you know. I come prepared. really? 50 things?

  1. gum
  2. candy
  3. Aleeve {pain reliever}
  4. red licorice
  5. lip gloss
  6. Kleenex
  7. wet wipes
  8. Tums {antacid}
  9. almonds
  10. mints
  11. iphone
  12. Kindle
  13. sketchbook
  14. markers
  15. colored pencils
  16. small camera
  17. magazine
  18. postcards
  19. headphones
  20. ticket stubs
  21. receipts
  22. brochures
  23. goldfish crackers
  24. small back of trail mix
  25. 1 chocolate bar
  26. small flashlight
  27. bandaids
  28. datebook
  29. 2 black pens
  30. 5 hour energy drink
  31. wallet
  32. eye drops
  33. deodorant
  34. Tide stain remover stick
  35. sunglasses
  36. toothbrush/toothpaste
  37. fingernail clippers
  38. hairbrush
  39. keys
  40. wreck this journal mini
  41. change
  42. hair ties
  43. mascara
  44. hand sanitizer
  45. sun block
  46. medicine
  47. socks
  48. atlas
  49. shells
  50. sand from the ocean

whew! that is quite a bit I must agree. So, what's in your bag?

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