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:: A Beautiful Day ::

Yesterday was the best day, as it seems the simplest of days always are. My friend and I both had the day off and so we grabbed a couple of books and drove to a nice quiet spot and set out a picnic. The weather was a little on the hot side, but nestled in a field under a tree, there was a nice breeze making it feel relaxing and perfect. We had a grassy field filled with wildflowers of all kinds all to ourselves. It was wonderfully silent other than the soft chirps of wildlife and the occasional rumble of an airplane overhead.

We spent hours sprawled out on our blanket reading and of course snacking. It was effortless and peaceful–the epitome of "our element". And, as we packed up to leave, we both felt an overwhelming sense of calm. As rare as it is when we can catch each other having nothing planned, yesterday was a clear reminder of the value of getting away from it all, spending quiet, quality time with a very dear friend, and taking the time to rest and refresh.

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