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:: eight things I did and didn't do last weekend ::

as unusual as it's going to sound; I -

1. bounced. a lot. for a couple of hours straight.
2. ziplined. a few times.
3. perused a bookstore with three kids in tow.
4. roller skated. it's true; just like a bike you never forget.
5. walked along the Atlantic Ocean. in complete awe.
6. went swimming and did go down the wild slides. a few times.
7. went bike riding. with three kids in tow. and took pictures of the base.
8. ate at Parker's. a very famous restaurant in these parts. the fried chicken was fabulous.

what I did not do last weekend; I did not -

1. get suckered into letting other kids over for a sleep-over.
2. allow the two little ones to play a video game that is clearly way not for them.
3. let everyone swim in the ocean at once.
4. notice any sharks-thank goodness {several attacks around there recently}
5. accept a invitation for a date from a nice Colonel. {smile}
6. get a chance to go through small stores and quaint shops {yet}
7. lose a kid
8. lose my mind.

I'd say that makes the weekend a complete success! what do you think?


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