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:: Exploring again ::

I have been exploring the far off hitherto unexplored regions of Blogland. During my expedition I discovered the following:

That at some point, I would like to try my hand at making these Nigerian Puff Puff's I hear they are better than donuts and absolutely to die for! Can't wait!

There is a blogger out there who uses the word 'set' for 'sit' and 'sat'. Is this her own little idiosyncrasy or is there a part of the world where people spell sit 'set'? This slightly intrigues me, as I find it quite troublesome.

There are many bloggers who seem to knit a jumper or woolen toy every few days. This amazes me and almost makes me feel inadequate. Then, I stop and think to myself "What they hell do you do all day"? Get a life already! And I feel quite happy with myself once again. Whew! 

There are a lot of technically savvy people out there. I'm sure that I could learn a lot from them if I took the time. But as you as you start explaining the process to me of how to do some really cool thing on the computer, my eyes start to drip blood and it's time to leave.

Many bloggers take themselves very very seriously. This amuses me at first. Then it makes me sleepy. And before you know it, it's time to leave.

It's really hot outside. I feel tired and befuddled. I'm going swimming. That will cool me off.

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