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:: The fog is lifting ::


These beautiful pictures are from yesterday. The sun was bright and hot, but, it rained last night and as I sit here this morning the fog is slowly lifting- both outside and in my head. It's wet and dreary out at this moment, of course it is almost 5:00 am and I suppose this would really be a good time for sleeping in. But, I am no longer tired I went to bed too early, and besides, I just can't sleep my weekends away. Or any other day, really. And, I'm really at my best in the morning. I've been outside to feed the birds, check out the garden, take the dog for a very long walk, make some delicious coffee, I even took the trash out. and now, I'm sitting here seeing whats new today. I'm even taunting Mother Nature with a few things on the clothesline. I'm hoping she's just sleeping in and will soon wake up with her Saturday best- blue skies and sunshine. I have a few flowers to plant and many things to spray paint.

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