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And so, over the last month, a simple walk around the neighborhood has been a delight of one kind or another, a super abundant kind. Everywhere you go there is fruit hanging over the walls, apples, pears, and the occasional plum tree. And the blackberries! They are my favorite, well so are the red raspberries, just pushing and poking their way through every crack and crevice, through every hedgerow, and the lovely thing is, for all the gorgeousness and pride of these local gardens, there's very few that don't have brambles somewhere amidst the bushes, and there they are allowed to be, undisturbed. We even have a beautiful big, old walnut tree around the corner, out on the roadside, and not so long ago, before I realized what it was, there was fruit for the taking. In my neighborhood, we all share in the wealth and abundance of our gardens. Every day, I sack up some tomatoes and cucumbers and leave them out for the taking for my neighbors. Although most know that they can just mosey over and pick what they need. And I do the same. It's wonderful. I cannot get enough of all this fresh food. I wish it would last forever. Sigh. I really do.

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