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:: Heirloom Tomatoes ::

Aren't these gorgeous?
My dad would be proud of me for growing these perfect heirloom tomatoes. He loved this kind because they are so sweet and juicy and flavorful. This morning, I sliced it up and had it for breakfast ~ I simply placed upon a piece of toasted rye bread smeared it with cream cheese and then sprinkled the top of the plump red fruit of glory with sea salt and ground pepper. Seriously, I thought I might cry it was so darn good! 

Gardening gets me on a happy high for which there is no comparison, for there truly is nothing better than growing your own vegetables, they reward you so unselfishly with their mouth-watering taste.

It's a tomato frenzy around here, so if you have some delicious tomato recipes, how about you share some of your favorites with me.  Pretty please?!

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