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:: Hello Sunday ::

Wifi. coffee. my bed. Perfect. Oh, wait a minute. I'm not at home. Damn. I have to get up, lots of work to do. Enormous breakfast to make. Hungry kidoos to feed and entertain! Because to day is Sunday, I'm going to let this day take us in what ever direction it wants to go in. After all, it's my last day with the kids alone so, we have to make it special in some certain way. No worries, I will think of something!

In the meantime, how about another list?
Here are several things I love about Sunday:
1.  A complete lack of urgency that is unique to Sunday. This day is totally laid back people.
2.  Time to spend reflecting on how to be a better person after church services.
3.  The sense of closeness that comes from being together with your friends and family.
4.  Reading a good, old-fashioned newspaper.  These will be a thing of the past before long.
5.  Stuffing myself on Sunday Brunch, either home or out.
6.  Loving my Sunday drives to nowhere in particular. With camera in hand.
7.  Sleeping in as late as I want to and staying in bed even after I’ve woke up.
8.  Taking a nap if needed. {or wanted}
9.  Sitting on my porch with my coffee, reading and watching the world go by.
10.  Playing a game or, putting together a puzzle.
11.  Listening to my favorite music.
12.  Having friends and family over for dinner.
13.  Time to watch a movie together 
14.  Ice cream! Every Sunday is ice cream night!
15.  Going for a long, slow walk and having time to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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