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Sort of looking around at houses. Wanting something like this a very open plan. But, this time I have a list of criteria that will be met. Like...

  1. is there a working fireplace? 
  2. can I picture myself drinking coffee in the kitchen every morning? or, relaxing in the living room at night? 
  3. is there a fenced in backyard that a dog would want to run through?
  4. is there a special little nook, or random details about the house, that is weird and therefore, awesome? :) maybe even a three seasons room?
  5. is there a space for crafting and mess making? 
  6. is there a guest room or space where my friends and family can stay? 
  7. Is there a doggie door, or a place I can add one easily?
  8. does it have character, little quirks that make it unique?
  9. and last but not least, does the house feel right? 
  10. is it perfect for growing older in? {everything on one level} 

what else am i forgetting? Besides the fact that I have no idea to where I would like to move next. Florida? The east coast in the Carolinas? Tennessee? The warmer southern states like Alabama or Mississippi where gardening is practically year round? Or a more dryer but warmer climate like in New Mexico or Arizona? I've had my eye on the lovely states of Washington and Oregon as well as I love the cooler climate myself and the beautiful outdoor living found there. I'd love to hear your ideas and experiences in house hunting. As you near retirement, what do you think you would look for in your last home?

* yes, I did list location, cost, age of roof, furnace, home, central air, land,  blah, blah, blah, but, those things are boring and a given so...


  1. Those are great pointers to consider when choosing a place to live in! One really has to make sure that the place offers amenities he/she particularly needs like fireplace and spots for pets, and more importantly, the type of location or neighborhood it’s in. Buying is a huge investment, and while you can modify the type of house you’ll be living in according to your needs, I doubt there’s a neighborhood that will be willing to adjust according to one’s preference. Thanks for sharing your list with us! I hope that you'll able to find the best house for you! :)

    Winfred Herrington @ Sold Team

  2. I did househunting with an eye on retiring ten years ago and I ended up in West Virginia. We chose this state because the houses are very inexpensive, so we found a large old farmhouse with a bathroom downstairs and a whole extra room for the dogs, although they prefer living in the dinning room.


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