:: Missing something ::

4:30 AM

Something has been bothering me for some time now and it's been hard to put my finger on exactly what that might be. Then, yesterday it hit me as I was trying to organize my iphone apps that at one time I kept a 365 picture journal. When did I stop? I don't even remember. I used to stick in one picture a day and a short note of the day every day. I would usually do it like on my way to work. And, even though it is a little challenging as yet another everyday thing... it was a really good thing. It was easy to look back and remember the day as it actually happened. Plus...
I miss the pictures.

I miss taking the pictures..

..and planning how to use them.

I miss looking back on the pictures

..and remembering the moment I was in when I took them.

I need the pictures.

And the notes.

Just for myself, because that was what it was always intended to be. Notes to myself to refer back on.

So I am starting again. Because, as everyone is aware... you can start over anytime you want to. Me, personally, I start over every day. It's easier that way. There, the app is added back in, and I'm all set.

Welcome back. You were missed.

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