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Be back soon!

Hahahaha. Yes, I had a great ride today. It was quite wonderful. I set out very early this morning around 4:30am. It is so peaceful and beautiful out at that time you wouldn't believe it. The skies are the most beautiful hues ever, and you get to watch as the world slowly wakes up. By the time we got home, we were greeted with some freshly brewed hot coffee and then I settled in with some reading and relaxed for a little while. Then, I decided I had better make sure the house is in order and start getting my things together that I want to take, {ever since I got out my luggage yesterday I keep finding both the dog and the cat hiding in it - they know whats up} Then, of course there is the food problem. {I had better get him some frozen dinners, he won't cook for just himself} It's rather nice to know that the whole house simply falls apart when I am not there to tend to it. It shows just how much I do.  Believe it or not, I take comfort in that as well! But really, it was a very lazy rest of the day, a perfect Sunday so to speak. I read some more, took a nap, made a delicious dinner mostly from out of the garden, gave myself a pedicure and a facial and I'm feeling really good! It's time to bring on the week. I'm ready.

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